PSG SPICES IT UP ! Our new song appears to be well known to most of the members – the task is getting you to sing your harmonies and not blast off into singing along to the melody!
(or should that be the MEL-ody?)

“STOP” is a co-written song founded during the filming of SPICE WORLD and is a bit of Pop (so tick for PSG) a bit of Soul (so tick for PSG) and some Motown – what no Gospel? Not quite a full house for PSG!

It is about the group's feelings towards fame and their frustration with their management who they felt was overworking them and these frustrations culminated with them firing their manager, Simon Fuller in November 1997.

The song was not released until 1998 but it
didn’t make No 1. It became synonymous with the writings of Geri Halliwell who whilst on set sang the first words into a Dictaphone and the group made the first take in a Winnebago! Music critics referred to it as “an obscenely catchy Motown swinger with an irresistible hook – a glorious piece of utterly disposable pop”!

If you like The Spice Girls then PSG is the place to be –but can anyone think of a piece of music which would tick Pop Soul & Gospel boxes?