Through lock-down, a week for me would often consist of hours and hours sat in front of my computer screen, either mixing the new choir video, setting up the links for upcoming youtube broadcasts, writing songs for my album (which is finished but still not released) and creating videos for the youtube channel. Since the start of 2021, this lifestyle has taken a rather radical change. As we have gotten closer and closer to the re-opening of real life in the UK, it has been amazing to see the enthusiasm people still have for live music. To see people getting excited about their upcoming weddings, parties, work do’s, school prom’s and much more is so rewarding and very exciting to say the least.

After a year of virtually no performing, running choir sessions online and trying to get to grips with running a business purely through the power of the internet, it’s a very strange feeling returning to the chaos of life as a full time musician. It’s a very welcome change back to the way things were and over the last year, I’ve certainly had a lot of time to reflect on the way I run things and how to truly appreciate every “in person” performance or choir session.

In contrast to my lock-down lifestyle of online work, the days are now spent keeping up with incoming enquiries, preparing for the launch of our new choirs in September, organising the Wiltshire Blues and Soul club and generally getting ready for the incredible live interactions with choir members, clients and music fans. At times over the last year, it’s been easy to drift into negativity and wonder if we will ever regain what has temporarily been lost through the pandemic, but with the incredible achievements of the NHS with the vaccine programme and incredible care for their patients, it now feels more than ever like we are truly going to beat this, making every week of my life going forward, a truly musical week.