Last night, Tuesday 24 th January, Bath PSG played host for a social-sing for to all the PSG
choirs at the SQUARE GRILL Piano Bar in Bath. An excellent turnout saw a great number of
PSG’ers from not only Bath, but also from Swindon, Devizes and Chippenham.
Filling a whole section of the restaurant (with handy bar right alongside) some members
enjoyed a meal before Will led us all through several sets of our favourite and well known
numbers – plus a couple of impromptu songs not from our usual repertoire – nothing like
that to keep members on their toes. Talking of which, two members from the Bath choir

entertained us (and themselves clearly) with a great exhibition of rock/jive/swing dancing –
any customers expecting a quite dinner out were delighted at the additional entertainment!

These social-sings have become a key part of the PSG world. They enable us all to get to
know the members not only in our regular rehearsal sessions but those from the other
groups as well. This makes the times when we all get together for a performance so much
more enjoyable. So why not try it for yourself and come along to any of our weekly sessions
– Monday in Devizes, Tuesday in Bath, Wednesday in Swindon and Thursday in Chippenham
– see our website for details