So fellow PSG’ers and PSG fans, we are now officially back inside our beautiful PSG venues!

The difference that a couple of months of singing outside makes to people’s projection and confidence as singers has been incredible. It turns out that if you can make a good sound together outside, the impact it has on indoor sessions is very dramatic indeed. On Monday, we were very blessed to have no less than three bass’s attend. Having the low frequencies cutting through the choir mix brings warmth and depth to the overall sound and means that as a choir we can often hear the melody cutting through from both the lowest and highest voices in the choir.

Walking back through the familiar doors of the St Johns Paris Rooms, Trowbridge Town hall and the King Alfred hall last week and this week has been like seeing old friends for the first time in a long while. Whilst we have all been very privileged to have an outdoors venue to sing in for the short term, it will never beat the acoustics of a good hall where we can all hear what each other are singing and really focus on the dynamics of the choir rather than just trying to be heard at all.

So onwards and upwards now. Covid cases appear to be falling again, all the while the vaccine continues to be rolled out across the country. To be singing with you all again in the flesh is the best bit of all of this and we are so so grateful to have you all with us as we rebuild and regroup the amazing voices of PSG!