Can we get excited now? Oh yes I think we can! In a few short weeks we can see each other at long last! Our outdoor sessions are returning from May 17. So we at Team PSG HQ are checking the weather app more frequently then ever. We have everything crossed that May is going to be full of sunshine and warm vibes.


We have to, of course, be mindful of keeping to the guidelines regarding Covid. We have been through this stage before so it’s important to maintain social distancing and keep sanitising our hands. We have limited places to ensure we are keeping as safe as we can. That said it’s all worth it to be able to stand together, united, singing in one voice.


Oh how we have missed the PSG sound we so love to make! It really is something special. We have to hit the ground running too as we have our comeback concert on Friday 25 June and we have lots to catch up on. During lockdown we have been learning Simply the best, This train and Amazed remotely and we can’t wait to hear how it sounds with you all singing! It will be interesting to see the results of online learning too!


The main thing is we can shake off the cobwebs and get in the fresh air and sing as a choir once again. Keep your fingers crossed for great weather (or at the very least that the showers will keep at bay). Won’t be too long to wait now!