PSG Smash their three stop Christmas tour of Swindon!

Sunday 4 th December – PSG do three-stop tour in one day.
(Swindon Brunel Centre, Outlet Centre and STEAM Museum)

PSG started well with a meet in Brunel
(It was freezing outside and as cold as hell!)
But set up near Santa’s Grotto
The crowds began to swell.
Singing “Rocking around the Christmas Tree”,

And “Baby Come Home”
A “White Christmas” rendition
(Accompanied by Santa’s gnome.)

An hour’s entertainment,
Then packing the kit away.
Trolleys, cars and vans were used
(No one had a sleigh!)
Into the Swindon Outlet
PSG set up alongside Giraffe
The shoppers were delighted
A free concert for all the staff!
Christmas songs and favourites
Rang out and “Decked the Halls”
“Simply the Best” one said
Amongst the Christmas stalls.
Then off again to please some more
And perform at the STEAM Museum
(The only puffing we heard
Was shifting the kit – herculean”)
The day was done, and the crowds were pleased –

PSG had done it again.

(Entertaining the shoppers and the Wiltshire folk)
Time to break out the champagne!


PSG Party! 


At the PSG Party, a very much more up-market buffet was served before the PSG members
started to rock to Will Blakes three-piece band. The attendance was really great with so
many singers from the Bath, Chippenham, Devizes and Swindon centres. Yes, the lights
were dim, but the atmosphere was great, and it was a tremendous way to end the 2022 PSG
Year -the first real “Covid-free” year to allow the PSG concerts to take place.
Great thanks are given from Will and the team to all PSG members for their support
throughout 2022. Merry Christmas to all our Blog followers and a Happy New year to all.

Following the successful Swindon three-stop Christmas tour on Sunday 4 th December – PSG
did their last concert at the Chippenham Sports Club Fare on the 11 th . We managed to
entertain the stall holders as well as the customers – and some PSG’ers were spotted
gorging themselves on cheesy chips between sessions!