Time For a Makeover

Like many of you over lockdown PSG Choirs has been thinking it’s time for some DIY projects and makeovers to our home. Here is what we are planning….

During our time reflecting on the feedback from our PSG Choirs Questionnaire we were told many times about something lurking in the background of the PSG website. It’s something that not everyone can see, it’s often not spoken of as it’s been a little tired and a bit out of date and to be honest it’s been in need of a little facelift for a while.  

Any idea what it is?? Our Members Section!!

Yes this part of the website could do with a mega makeover. For us the issue wasn’t knowing that we need to give the area some TLC. It was knowing what would truly make it a fun exciting and engaging section for all members to enhance their PSG Choirs experience further.

Being one of Wiltshire’s best choirs for 7 years now, we have amassed a lot of songs in our repertoire. There are over 60 in fact! Our resources page is under construction right now. We are on track with this project and all members will be able to find our current songs broken down into parts for each section along with a click link to the song sheet for you to use too! It’s not just about looking good but about being user friendly, but we think we have cracked it with the new layout and hope that all members will gain the benefit of the new PSG PRACTICE PORTAL. The target is to keep adding songs regularly in the coming months so that by September 2021 we will have an up to date and current song list for you to use at your leisure. So far we have 8 songs on there all ready to go. 

Beyond just having great resources we were thinking about how the exclusive members section could be more interactive and engaging for everyone. We all love to catch up and chat. We have seen lots of this during our PSG Online sessions and we have had some great banter and fun in the live chat. So we don’t want to lose that connection when we return to our individual choirs. With lots happening at sessions or having PSG friends in other locations like, Chippenham, Trowbridge and Devizes and with new locations like Swindon, Bath and Malmesbury due soon, we wanted you to have a hub that you can all engage with anytime you like. You will be able to chat with each other, check the noticeboard, add a song suggestion, organise a car share etc. It’s a place for members to be amongst their PSG family whenever they wish.

So that is our next big challenge! We will be opening the PSG MEMBERS LOUNGE by late summer 2021. One thing’s for sure, it will be a vibrant happy place with our own members adding the light and shade. We can’t wait to see you all make use of it and enjoy it to the full!